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Where to Eat

Need to Save Time? Try our Local Take Out and Delivery

Take Out & Delivery

If  you are pressed for time to shop and cook we have a few local venues for you to try.

ELEVATION BURGER - 100% organic beef burgers and great shakes. In the Rye Brook plaza where Blockbuster used to be!  We've heard the food is great!

AL DENTE– 7 Elm Place, Rye- 921-5300. Close to Starbucks. Will deliver or a good place to stop in for a quick meal.

HARRISON'S PIZZA AND PASTA– 248 Halstead Ave., across from the A&P in Harrison- 835-0135

PIZZA 2000– 370 Halstead Ave., across from the Harrison Train Station parking lot – 835-8000

PIAZZA PIZZERIA AND DELI- 520 Milton Rd., Rye– 921-4444, 967-deli.

If Italian is not on your mind you might also try:

FRESH DIRECT- www.freshdirect.com Along with ordering your groceries, you can get many pre-made meals from Fresh Direct. Try their Heat and Eat section, bakery and catering options.

LUM YEN RESTAURANT– 100 W. Boston Post Rd., Mamaroneck– 698-6881

THE RYE COUNTRY STORE- 41 Purchase St., Rye- 967-3450. Offers freshly made foods, but also some fruits and vegetables, and delicious sweets.

TOYO SUSHI- 253 Mamaroneck Ave., Mamaroneck- 777-8696

The following local restaurants don't deliver but members have recommended you give them a try for take out:

- 363 Mamaroneck Avenue, Mamaroneck- 698-4127. Delicious homemade pasta, lasagne, raviolis, garlic bread and more. They only take cash.

CORNERSTONE STORE – 544 Milton Rd., Rye– 967-0035. A great little spot to pick up ready-made meals. Also good to keep in mind if in need of a caterer.

COSI – 50 Purchase St., Rye – 921-3322. Always popular and finally renovated. Very popular with teens and families.

COYOTE FLACO– 151 Midland Ave. in Port Chester, just a little past Home Depot – 937-6969- pretty fair Mexican food, great guacamole!

KELLY’S (SEA LEVEL) - 413 Midland Ave., Rye– 967-7973– Favorites are the cheeseburger, chili cheese fries and the onion rings. Simple, good, dependable food.

KOO– 17 Purdy St., Rye– 921-9888 – Stop by and pick up a take-out menu for delicious nouveau Japanese.

PIZZA AND BREW– 136 S. Ridge, Rye Brook, in the same plaza as D’Agostino’s– 937-2511

Q - AUTHENTIC BARBEQUE RESTAURANT AND BAR- 112 North Main St., Port Chester– 933-7427- owned by the same couple that have THE KNEADED BREAD bakery in Port Chester. Definitely worth a try if you like BBQ.

SOFIA’S PIZZERIA -212 Harrison Ave., Harrison, 835-2862

SUNRISE PIZZA– 7 Purdy St., Rye- 967-8696. Also a good place to stop in with your kids for a quick meal.

WATERMOON– 66 Purchase St., Rye- 921-8880 – Has special take-out menus for lunch and dinner.

It has also been noted that if you call other restaurants in Rye such as FRANKIE AND JOHNNIES STEAKHOUSE @ 935-3900, RYE BAR AND GRILL @ 967-0332, RUBY’S OYSTER BAR AND GRILL @ 921-4166, they will prepare take-out for you, but you are probably paying full-menu prices. Perhaps better to wait for a time when you can go, sit and relax.

If you find yourself running out of milk frequently, you may enjoy

STARLIGHT DAIRY– 265 Yorktown Hts.-243-0069. Offers delivery of dairy products and more right to your door.


updated: 3 years ago